The old and traditional Tuscan cooking is made of savory, simple ingredients cooked wisely.
This apparent simplicity hides a lot of patience, small and well-balanced quantities in order to well combine all the ingredients. The owners of “La Casella” personally cook Tuscan dishes using their local and biological products which exalt the flavors of the typical home cooking. Some typical Tuscan dishes: pappa al pomodoro (tomato soup), panzanella (soup-salad with stale bread softened in water, with onion, tomato and basil), ribollita (reboiles soup), crostini neri (seasoned chicken liver spread on toast), pici al sugo di selvaggina (typical noodles with game ragout), delicious cheeses and cold cuts, our zolfini beans and lots of other specialties.
Moreover you can taste our famous Chianti red wines and our olive oil traditionally produces.